We are your same day Express courier specialist.

Polanka Xpress couriers specialises in same day collection and delivery.

Polanka Xpress aim to collect your goods within an hour, where you can have hassle free just in time deliveries.

  • Based in Dunstable, centrally located to cater Midlands and South.
  • Our well trained, friendly drivers will pick your consignments all day / every day.
  • We will keep you up to date with the progress of the delivery with e-mail or text updates.
  • Polanka Xpress allocate a dedicated vehicle per job. Once we have collected your goods, they will be taken straight to the destination with no detours or additional stops on the way.
  • We will e-mail you the proof of delivery (POD) immediately upon successful completion.

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If your consignment is awkward to package or is too large or bulky to go by conventional carrier, or simply must be there A.S.A.P you will certainly need a courier and light haulage company that will take the care in getting your goods there safely, quickly and undamaged.

Once the consignment is loaded and secured it does not move its place in the van / truck up until it is at the delivery point. Because your goods don’t exchange hands.
Same day we allocate a dedicated vehicle to transport your goods.

polanka xpress courier team

  • Legal Documents to Tenders
  • Kitchen Units to Granite work tops from Manufacturer
  • Medical Equipment
  • Retail / domestic & Shopfitting Units
  • Engineering Equipment and Goods
  • Electronic / Electric Components and Equipment
  • Publishing and printing & Advertising
  • Construction
  • Pallets
  • Rolls of carpets
  • Trade supplies
  • Legal documents transfer or wait and return with signed documents
  • 6m Spandeck scaffolding platform or anything you need to be transported.

We move anything “You name it. We move it!”

Fully insured up to a minimum of £ 10,000 or over

Why are we different from other courier companies?

When you’re looking for a courier and haulage service in your local area, there’s a few things you need to consider:

    • can they deliver your goods to where they need to be?
    • when they need to be?

With Polanka Xpress same day courier and haulage service we offer a firm yes to those questions.

Depending on the nature of your load, we can suggest a suitable vehicle and offer if necessary specialist experience needed to handle your goods.

We are looking to build life long relationships with all commercial partners and grow with them.

If or when ever we outsource a job, we try our level best to find a local independent drivers offering more work and better pay for them and their families.

Because we strongly believe and invest in our local community and local economy.

Our aim is to provide a 5 star service.
Nothing less…….and we will go all the way to deliver your needs.

Local economy
Local businesses are the backbone of our local economy. Doing business with local independent company, rather than a Franchised company, it is better for the economy of your community.

Research shows that £20 spent with a local independent shop means up to an additional £100 goes back into the local economy. This is simply because the nearby shop owners or other businesses who you are spending your money with, will then put that money back into your local community by going into local pubs and restaurants etc, thus circulating the money and allowing your community to thrive..

Creating local employment
Investing in local businesses means you can have a very strong and positive effect on the health of the local jobs in your area. Small, local businesses are surprisingly the largest employer of jobs nationally and provide the most local jobs to communities. Not only this, but local employers are more likely to pay a higher average wage than their commercial chain counterparts. Helping to grow the number of jobs in your area makes for a better place to live and work which then creates a healthy economy for the community.

Personality and service
The fantastic thing about independent businesses is that they are run by local people.You will usually find that the business is in keeping with the aesthetic of the area and have that personal, welcoming touch. This natural authenticity will always be more popular than a chain, no matter where in the country.

Customer service and experience
Although many franchised businesses do have good customer service, you can’t beat the personal touch of a local company who knows everyone in the neighbourhood. They can offer you a product or a service that is suitable for you, domestic or commercial. Building bridges and relationships between the local businesses and the local community goes further than just a purchase.

Originality and individuality
In a world that is becoming increasingly dominated by franchised branches which have been designed to look the same, independent businesses bring much-needed originality and variety into communities. They can be a real breath of fresh air in an area populated by generic stores and companies.

In case if things go wrong
We are local to you and if something goes wrong, we can rectify things much faster than any other franchised or national company. We offer a personalised service and can attend to your needs in a matter of minutes!