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At Polanka Xpress we know you want hassle-free pallet delivery. The problem is with other carriers, they exchange several vehicles before your goods reach the final destination. This can increase the likelihood of damage and add unnecessary time to your delivery. This can make you feel frustrated which is just plain wrong. You shouldn’t need to waste your day on the phone sorting damaged goods. We can save you time and money by assigning a dedicated driver to pick up your parcel and deliver it safely to your destination on-time.

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We don’t use an auto price calculator. You provide the delivery details and we will give you the most competitive quote by phone.


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A friendly member of our team can be at your location within the hour.


Polanka Xpress Pallet Delivery

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Sit back and relax with peace in mind that your parcel is in the safest hands.

Things to remember

Inspecting your delivery pre & post transit is important.
Knowing the weights and measurements of your shipment can help you receive the best quotes. This will also help firms know what type of vehicle is required for your delivery job.

Securing and wrapping your goods will help to make sure they aren’t damaged during transit. You can also use pallets to transport a large amount of smaller goods.
If you’re making a commercial delivery, ensure that the proper labelling and documentation goes with your delivery. This is carried by the driver and signed off at the point of delivery.

The best example: try to remember how Amazon packaging comes to you. Large box and lots or packaging for tiny Item.

Completing your delivery

Depending on the level of service you have agreed with us, you may or may not receive help at loading/unloading ( ie: forklift loading or unloading) at the point of collection/delivery, or it may be dropped off for you at a specified location.
Make sure your delivery is checked over for damage and signed off properly at the other end. If you’re not receiving the goods yourself make sure you get a copy of the completion documents.
Once your cargo has successfully been transported we will email you the proof of delivery immediately. where you will know who have received the goods.

We would encourage you to leave feedback on Google about our service and your experience with Polanka Xpress. This will help us build a more comprehensive service to our customers. Please read our testimonials page or our google reviews to see what other happy customers have to say.


Insurance Advice which our competitors don’t mention.

If we are transporting your goods, it is automatically covered for £10,000. If the value of the goods are higher than £10,000, make sure you tell us. Please make sure your goods are properly wrapped and secured.

i.e: If the goods are in a box make sure you have enough packaging material around the goods to secure them, prevent movements. The best example: try to remember how Amazon packaging comes to you. Large box and lots or packaging/spacers for tiny Item.

i.e: If they are boxes in a pallet make sure it’s properly shrink-wrapped, secured with re-enforced corners and wrap it well.

i.e: If they are heavy items like flooring make sure you secure it with Polypropylene strapping

i.e: If you are transporting a cupboard or trunk with tools, make sure all bits inside are secured and take a photograph as proofs.

if you are to make a claim in case of damaged goods you should be prepared to provide proof of purchase in your name ( if you are the claimant)Insurance companies will make all these queries when dealing with a claim. If the goods are not properly packed or secured your claim will be invalid.

So please make every effort to secure the goods. If you see a driver is going to leave the site without securing the goods to the vehicle make sure you demand them to do so. Even though it is the driver’s responsibility to care for the goods, still they are your valued goods in that vehicle. In case of damage to the goods on transit, all million-dollar questions will pop up when a loss accessor comes in for the investigation.

Best advise  we can give – WRAP WRAP WRAP

Whether you transport your goods with us or not remember to follow these steps.

Pallet Delivery

Standard Wooden Pallet
1200mm x 1000mm x 162mm (Approx.)

UK Pallet Delivery Polanka Xpress

European Wooden Pallet
1200mm x 800mm x 144mm (Approx.)

UK Pallet Collection Polanka Xpress

Small vans & Medium/High-roof

Small Van

• Length: 1.5m
• Width: 1.2m (between wheel archers)
• Height: 1.1m
• Fits up to 1 Pallet (350kg)
small Van Same Day Courier Polanka Xpress
Short wheelbase van

• Length: 2.4m
• Width: 1.2m (between wheel archers)
• Height: 1.5m
• Fits up to 2 Pallet (800kg )
short wheelbase Van Same Day Courier Polanka Xpress

Long & Extra Long wheel base van

Long wheel base van

• Length: 3.6m
• Width: 1.35m (between wheel archers)
• Height: 1.75m
• Fits up to 3 Pallets (1200kg-1500kg)

Same Day Courier Service Polanka Xpress

Extra Long wheelbase van

• Length: 4.2m
• Width: 1.35m (between wheel archers)
• Height: 1.75m
• Fits up to 4 standard or 5 euro Pallets (1000Kg)

extra wheel base van polanka xpress courier