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At Polanka Xpress we know you want hassle-free pallet delivery. The problem is with other courier companies they exchange hands. This can increase the likelihood of damage and add unnecessary time to your delivery. This can make you feel frustrated which is just plain wrong. You shouldn’t need to waste your day on the phone sorting damaged goods. We can save you time and money by assigning a dedicated driver to pick up your parcel and deliver it safely to your destination on-time.

Pallet Delivery Polanka Xpress

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We don’t use an auto price calculator. You provide the delivery details and we will give you the most competitive quote by phone.


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Polanka Xpress Pallet Delivery

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Pallet Delivery

Standard Wooden Pallet
1200mm x 1000mm x 162mm (Approx.)

UK Pallet Delivery Polanka Xpress

European Wooden Pallet
1200mm x 800mm x 144mm (Approx.)

UK Pallet Collection Polanka Xpress

Small vans & Medium/High-roof

Small Van

• Length: 1.5m
• Width: 1.2m (between wheel archers)
• Height: 1.1m
• Fits up to 1 Pallet (500kg)
Small Delivery Van Polanka Xpress
Medium / High-roof van

• Length: 3m
• Width: 1.2m (between wheel archers)
• Height: 1.75m
• Fits up to 2 Pallet (800kg – 1000kg)
medium high roof van polanka xpress courier

Long & Extra Long wheel base van

Long wheel base van

• Length: 3.6m
• Width: 1.2m (between wheel archers)
• Height: 1.75m
• Fits up to 3 Pallets (1200kg-1500kg)

Long Wheel Base Van Polanka Xpress

Extra Long wheel base van

• Length: 4.2m
• Width: 1.2m (between wheel archers)
• Height: 1.8m
• Fits up to 4 standard or 5 euro Pallets (1200Kg)

extra wheel base van polanka xpress courier