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Why did we decide to offset our carbon footprint?

It is more of the growing realisation that we need to do things differently, We have to change now in order to bring in the confidence in our selves and our customers that we are providing a service that values the importance of our environment. Keeping that in mind we are doing something in return to protect our environment for future generations to come.

With climate-neutral products such as off-setting carbon footprint, we empower you to make a very simple decision but an informed decision about climate protection – by transporting your goods/products via Polanka Xpress. This includes transportation in our own fleet or through our extended subcontracted fleet- we will calculate millage and offset it with the support of international carbon offset projects. Gold Standard climate protection project by Climate partner.

In the current context commercial electric vehicles are way too expensive to afford for small to medium size companies. Which is not economical as most of them are with a limited range of mileage. Infrastructure is still not in place for long hull journeys.

On average a courier would cover 250 miles per day none of the commercial large vans can cover that range. At least for the next two – Five years, this will not happen.

At this moment we would like to invite you to be part of our journey and make it your corporate responsibility to contribute towards offsetting your own carbon footprint.

How to offset the carbon footprint?

In the current context businesses who offset carbon footprint tend to do it by investing towards a woodland trust or forest conservation trust.

As of today, only a very few same day courier companies can be label as Eco-friendly couriers.

Unlike a few other transport providers, we would take a different approach by offsetting via the below programs:

  • Educational programs
  • Soil conservation and land management
  • Fuel efficient wood-burning stoves
  • Solar panels
  • Investment into green energy projects
  • Reforestation

We are dedicated to the principles of sustainability demonstrated through our continued CarbonNeutral programs.

According to the global assessment, an average of around 25% of flora and fauna are under threat. In figures around a million species now face extinction within decades.

How did we offset our 2020 carbon footprint?

Please click the link below for detailed information.

Clean Cookstove project in Rwanda

Why did we choose the above in a nutshell :

Since the 1980s, pollution has increased worldwide, but it has increased at a much faster pace in regions close to the equator. Research from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill proves this.

Worlds most developing countries are around the equator -poverty, Human resource weaknesses such as adult literacy nutrition, health and education and economic vulnerability. This is why we decided to go with the clean cookstove project.

Cutting fewer trees for firewood, Educational programs, children more time spending at schools and this created opportunities for local communities to preserve biodiversity.

We cater to large corporate businesses, Global Logistics companies, Sole Traders and Events Organisers.

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