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How annoying is it when courier companies damage your goods in transit? Damaged goods can cost you time, money, and extra hassle on the phone sorting the issue out. This is just plain wrong. That is why Polanka Express believe parcels should be delivered on-time and completely undamaged.

This week, we had a last-minute call from a customer to collect and deliver an IT server from Hatfield to a clinique in Harley Street, central London.

hatfield to london journey map samday delivery courier - polanka Xpress.

The value of the server was £17000.00. We were phoned by the customer as the last courier company damaged the server package during transit and the parcel arrived late in the evening. Although no damage was caused to the server the client was concerned over the handling and care of the parcel. The company replied saying, we gave you a very competitive rate so we loaded other goods from other customers to go together.

At Polanka Xpress we understand how frustrating it is when the courier doesn’t your packages. That is why we allocate a dedicated vehicle for every job. Whether it is a samday express service or next day service. We do not load other people’s goods with your valuable package /pallet. Reducing the risk significantly to any damage.

Reliable Sameday Courier

Our customer was extremely happy to see the server delivered on time and with no damage.

We continue to have no complaints as all goods sent with us are secured with straps before leaving the site. Only the assigned designated load will be going directly to the delivery point. Meaning: No damage and no delays.

So, we were happy to collect and deliver goods with an insurance cover suitable to cover any damage in transit.
We provide FOC goods in transit covers from 10/25/50 K.

When you’re considering whether to choose an express courier, go for a company with a great reputation. Despite a competitive quote remember the costs of bad service.  Often, the cost of failing to arrive on time or damaged leads to huge disruption. Use a good sameday courier like us.

Remember: we deliver your reputation on time safely and securely.

Simply contact us to arrange a quote for your parcel.